Aid Need Service

Want to know more about Halo Beacon’s Aid-Need service? This unique service is designed to help people; specifically, those who suffer from severe allergic reactions, asthma attacks, insulin shock, or seizures.

Anyone living with one of these medical conditions is painfully aware of the panicked response often given by uninformed bystanders witnessing a reaction, attack, shock, or seizure episode. Many know all too well the incredible out-of-pocket expense associated with a sometimes unnecessary ambulance ride. This looming financial burden is compounded further by the dangerous risk of receiving unskilled or untrained medical assistance, especially from panicking bystanders.

Halo Beacon wanted to design an easy-to-use, affordable service capable of assisting family, medical personnel, and any untrained bystander in delivering the help you need when you need it. That is why we created Aid-Need service.

What is Aid-Need Service?

Aid-Need is a two-tier service delivered to you via the toll-free number 855-Aid-Need. This toll-free number is owned by the folks at Halo Beacon, and hosted by the online service

Our experts have created a way for clients to dial the toll-free 855-Aid-Need number, and be automatically connected to their own personally recorded set of medical instructions. There is no need to enter a password, simply add 855-Aid-Need to speed dial, and your personal message can be played within 10 seconds. Place the call on speakerphone, and anyone within range can hear.

What if I am alone, and I need help?

All calls to 855-Aid-Need include the option to “press 0 for live medical assistance”.

Any caller pressing “0” will be automatically routed to a highly trained Registered Nurse at FONEMED®. Experienced Fonemed nurses, unlike 911 operators, are fully qualified to quickly provide medical advice and triage services by phone.

This call-in nursing service is provided to you at a fraction of the cost when compared to an emergency room or doctor’s office visit. The call, no matter the duration, is only $30 and includes access to an interpreter service capable of speaking and understanding over 250 different languages. So no matter what your nationality, or what country you are traveling in, Fonemed’s nursing staff can deliver the medical advice you need.

How is the 855-Aid-Need Number Able to Work so Quickly?

Once your phone number is entered into our system, it will automatically recognize your cellular number through caller I.D. technology.   Our system will route all incoming calls directly to your own personal extension, which immediately plays your medical instructions as a greeting -OR- allows you the option of speaking to a live nurse.

This unique service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Provided your phone is with you in an emergency, the toll-free 855-Aid-Need number can be quickly accessed by you, or by anyone trying to help.

What if I don’t feel comfortable making my own Recorded Greeting?

That’s okay! We work with professional voice talents to ensure you will have a clearly understood recording. Choose a Male or Female voice…it’s up to you.  There is no charge for this professional recording, it is included as part of your initial setup fee.

As a Free bonus: Halo Beacon will also email you an mp3 copy of this professionally recorded sound file. Save the sound file containing your personal medical instructions on your iPad, laptop, or home computer for friends and loved ones to access in case of an emergency.

What Other Services does Halo Beacon Offer?

Halo Beacon will soon be offering complete phone-accessible services of great value that utilize location-based app technology to quicken response times for friends, family, and even EMS personnel.

Ready to sign up?

During this introductory offer, we have reduced the one-time setup fee from $150 to only $90. After that, you pay only $7 per month for as long as you retain this service. Call 855-SOS-HALO and ask to sign up for service today!

Call on a new halo of help” Halo Beacon, LLCHalo Beacon

P.O. Box 8255 Santa Maria, CA 93456



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