Directory of Extensions for 855-41st-AID

Here is a nice list of current First Aid topics and their coordinating extensions.  All of these topics can be listened to one at a time, anytime, simply by dialing 855-41st-AID (toll-free) and spelling the first four letters of the illness or injury.

First Aid Topic: Extension #
Abdominal Pain 2236  (A-B-D-O)
Acne 2263  (A-C-N-E)
ADHD 2343  (A-D-H-D)
Alcohol Poisoning 2526  (A-L-C-O)
Allergy 2553  (A-L-L-E)
Alzheimer’s 2594  (A-L-Z-H)
Anaphylactic Shock 2627  (A-N-A-P)
Anemia 2636  (A-N-E-M)
Animal Bites 2646  (A-N-I-M)
Ankle Sprain 2655  (A-N-K-L)
Anorexia 2667  (A-N-O-R)
Anxiety 2694  (A-N-X-I)
Arthritis 2787  (A-R-T-H)
Asbestos Exposure 2723  (A-S-B-E)
Asthma Attack 2784  (A-S-T-H)
Athletes Foot 2845  (A-T-H-L)
Attention Deficit 2883  (A-T-T-E)
Back Pain 2225  (B-A-C-K)
Bee Sting 2337  (B-E-E-S)
Bipolar Disorder 2476  (B-I-P-O)
Bites-Human 2483  (B-I-T-E)
Black Eye 2522  (B-L-A-C)
Bleeding 2533  (B-L-E-E)
Blisters 2547  (B-L-I-S)

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