Traveling Knight Service

People who travel internationally frequently, as well as those on their first trip abroad, know that visiting another country can sometimes be a little scary. While most people take the precaution of purchasing trip insurance, that insurance only protects them from lost luggage, delayed or cancelled flights, and sometimes unexpected medical or dental visits.

Because travel is so unpredictable, Halo Beacon’s Traveling Knight offers that “something extra” protection. We provide all types of travelers with practical assistance… in case “something unusual” happens on a trip.

Traveling Knight provides several extras, starting with Toll-Free access to personal voice recordings of ongoing trip details and daily events. How? Halo Beacon provides Traveling Knight clients with their own personal extension at the toll-free number 855-My-Route.

Using your mobile phone, you can speed-dial 855-My-Route and our caller-id recognition system allows you to be forwarded directly to your voice messaging account.  This is a simple and paperless way to record and keep track of important details such as:

      • Flight Changes
      • Hotel Changes
      • Transportation and Meal Expenses
      • Itinerary Changes
      • Trip Updates

My-Route account messages are password protected, but can also be accessed by a friend, colleague, loved one, or member of our staff in case of police, medical, or other emergencies.    If you’ve lost your phone, you can still access your My-Route trip notes by using any phone around.  Simply call 855-My-Route, press * and enter your passcode to manage your messages.

Leave as many recordings as you want, any time you want, and  retrieve them as needed.  This is a simple, easy to perform and “green” way of documenting day-to-day activities, detailing trip expenses,  noting itinerary changes, or remembering “things to do” when you return home.

Traveling Knight Service also provides:  

*Telephone Interpretation Services – You can obtain help with interpretation if you are lost and alone and having difficulty communicating your situation to someone in a foreign country. Simply dial 855-SOS-HALO, and ask for an interpreter.

*Emergency and Medical Message Relay – In case of an emergency, Halo Beacon can send and receive emergency messages to and from relatives, friends, and business associates. Simply call 855-SOS-HALO, give us the details of your emergency, and we’ll contact everyone on your behalf.

*Live Medical Help: Finding a doctor who speaks your language and getting directions to modern medical facilities can be difficult.   If you become ill or suffer a minor injury while abroad, you can now speak to a live registered nurse from Fonemed for medical advice. Simply call 855-SOS-HALO, any time of day and ask to be transferred to a Fonemed nurse.

FONEMED provides excellent traveler medical assistance including access to medically-trained interpreters that are collectively fluent in over 250 languages. They can also provide you with hospital referrals in most countries. Halo Beacon associates also have listings for over 15,000 hospitals worldwide, and can provide you with basic directions from your location to virtually any major hospital in the world.

What is the cost?

Most travel/trip insurance will cost around $30-$50, or around $300-$800 per year. Halo Beacon offers Traveling Knight service for only $10 per month, with a one-time My-Route setup fee of only $20. Purchase Traveling Knight for a full year and we’ll not only waive the setup fee, but discount service to only $8 per month ($96 per year).

What Other Services does Halo Beacon Offer?
Halo Beacon will soon be launching complete phone-accessible services of great value.  These services utilize location-based app technology to quicken response times for friends, family, police, and even EMS personnel.
Ready to sign up?

Call 855-SOS-HALO and ask to sign up for My-Route/Traveling Knight service!

‘Call on a new halo of help”

Halo Beacon, LLC P.O. Box 8255 Santa Maria, CA 93456


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