About Halo Beacon

Halo Beacon cares about keeping people healthy, so we created the toll-free number 855-41st-AID to give free, pre-recorded, lifesaving, practical first aid instruction.

Why?  Because when emergencies arise, good samaritans with proper knowledge can often make the difference between prolonged life and certain death…Especially in cases of severe injury.

This 855-41st-AID blog displays first aid tips that are currently available at our toll-free number.  We will continue recording and posting every topic we can think of until we run out of injuries and health issues! (and wouldn’t that be nice?).

By the time this project is complete, we anticipate having over 160 dial-by-illness topics listed on 855-41st-AID, and each illness or injury will be covered in under 160 seconds.

These first aid instructions are intended to help any novice follow basic advice in treating common illnesses.  We wanted to keep things short, simple, and not too boring.  We can definitely recommend some great online resources!

*Please note: The statements on this blog and recorded on 855-41st-AID have not been evaluated by the FDA or OSG. This information is for general informational and educational purposes only. These statements shall in no way be implied, considered or construed to be medical advice in any form. In addition these statements shall in no event be intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

The references and links provided on this blog do not in any way constitute an endorsement and/or a recommendation about this site by its authors, its agents or representative thereof.


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